Center for Innovative Learning


Facilities & Equipment

CIL Fall 2020 Faculty Fellows during a technical demonstration in the TV & Film studio on Byblos campus

The following facilities and equipment are available on both campuses:


These production-designated studios are equipped with all kinds of advanced audio/video tools needed to produce content. It is where the green screen, some interviews and lightboard filming take place.

Wacom Recording Station

An interactive screen with a touch pen display connected to a computer. This station is optimal for recording Panopto videos.

Interactive Screen Room

This option is used to record vibrant Panopto sessions while controlling on-screen data through digital touchscreen interactions. It has a much bigger screen than the Wacom, which allows the instructor to give a lecture while standing. Many moving cameras are also placed at different angles.

Editing Room

It includes many iMacs & PCs with the latest audio/video editing software. This room is used for post-production and for creating interactive syllabi.

⚠ Four additional fully designated online teaching studios are currently under construction. 


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