Center for Innovative Learning


Multimedia Support

Our services consist of:

Creating Interactive Course Components

We use a variety of applications from the Articulate family, a cloud-based e-learning platform, to create user friendly, interactive materials, such as syllabi, games, short quizzes, and polls. This can help create more student engagement with the content and may serve as an alternative for lengthy and heavy lectures.

Recording Sessions/Lab Experiments/Lightboard Videos/Interviews/Green Screens

This option can be a real life saver as sometimes recording at home doesn’t do the job. For instance, the lightboard is the best option for courses that require sketching. Our team can also record lab experiments, out-of-campus interviews and many more. We gained remarkable experience from working with different schools. It all depends on the type of content, thus we always make sure to present it in the most effective way so that the students don’t miss out on anything.

A green screen recording session with Dr. Yasmine Taan in the Byblos studio

Creating Educational Videos (Visual Effects Lessons/Course Trailers)

We can edit a certain content-or start from the scratch- in order to convey a lesson into a video. It can be customized accordingly (adding voice overs, images, texts, etc.).

Providing Technical Support and Online Tutorials

Please feel free to contact us whenever you face any technical problem. We also provide worthful tutorials (Instructional Technologies) and guidance to help you better design your online courses.


Our team, facilities, and experience are at your disposal. You only need to book via email.