Center for Innovative Learning

Faculty Fellows Program

About the CIL Faculty Fellows Program (FFP)

The Center for Innovative Learning (CIL) is committed to the support and development of LAU’s faculty towards excellence and innovation. The purpose of the CIL is to bring together colleagues from different schools to promote excellence in teaching, learning and assessment through technologies and high-impact pedagogies.

This Program is at the core of the Center. It offers faculty members the opportunity to enhance their teaching and be active members of the LAU teaching community. The FFP is a yearly, structured 4-week program, normally held in summer, for faculty members interested in working on one or more of the following subjects:

Application Procedure

A call for proposals is sent to faculty every year that provides details on the application process, including application form and deadline. As a general rule, interested faculty members will be requested to submit an updated CV and a proposal, normally in May, according to the communicated template. The documents are electronically submitted to:, with a copy to the school dean and department chairperson.

Dr. Barbar Akle giving a presentation on flipped classroom design to the Summer 2019 Faculty Fellows