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Faculty Fellows Program

Summer and Fall 2020 Faculty Fellows Program

Two calls for proposals for the 2020 CIL Faculty Fellows Program were launched, one for the Summer and the other for Fall 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that shifted teaching into online modalities, the 2020 Faculty Fellows Program will focus more on online education. The Summer 2020 CIL Faculty Fellows Program is designated for faculty members teaching during the summer semester and would like to improve their courses by employing effective online teaching and learning modules. Due to the short notice, the faculty member is expected to complete a minimum of half the tasks during the Summer semester, while the remaining tasks will be completed by the end of the Fall 2020 semester. The Fall 2020 CIL Faculty Fellows Program will start concurrently with the summer version; however, it is intended for faculty members not teaching during the summer semester and welcomes a broader set of topics.

The program starts with a structured 4-week program in which a faculty member converts a course into online delivery according to these guidelines, designs a new course, redesigns an existing course, explores new active learning strategies, applies the latest disciplinary research into teaching, or explores the use of technology in the teaching process. The program includes a series of webinars/seminars from external and internal entities, mentoring support from the CIL Faculty Fellows, and potentially student focus groups to give feedback and the exchange of fresh ideas. 

Upon the successful completion of the program and the delivery of the proposed tasks, the faculty member may join the CIL Faculty Fellows and may be invited to leadership and service opportunities within the CIL. The role of the CIL Faculty Fellow is to contribute to the community of practice that promotes effective pedagogy among peer faculty. Currently the CIL Fellows are leading workshops, seminars, and potentially program consultations.

Dr. Rony Khnayzer recording a Lightboard lecture in the Byblos studio.

Summer 2020 CIL Faculty Fellows