Center for Innovative Learning


Instructional Technologies

Guest speaker, Dr. Milad Sebaaly, giving a presentation to Summer 2019 Faculty Fellows on “e-Learning Strategies and Trends”

The CIL offers a variety of in-depth tutorials that ease the command and implementation of instructional technologies. We explain every tool efficiently while showcasing new and creative features that can elevate the learning experience.

Introduction for Recorded Sessions and Tutorials

Download this 5-second LAU opening video here and place it at the beginning of all your recorded sessions and tutorials. This will ensure consistent application of the LAU standards in relevant videos.

Faculty Brown Bag Sessions

The CIL is hosting a series of virtual brown bag sessions. Each session, while loosely structured around a theme, is really meant to be a platform where you can share your online teaching successful moments, commiserate over perceived failures, or just tune in to listen while you work through a stack of grading.  Now if, for any reason, you missed a session, do not worry, you can still watch it on the corresponding link listed below:

Session 1: Setting up a Course

Session 2: Building an Online Community/Getting to Know Your Students


You will find below a list of useful tutorials that can up your technical skills or help you learn new and remarkable software.