Center for Innovative Learning


Course Design

Online Learning

CIL staff and faculty fellows have put together guidelines and made available resources for faculty on online course design and delivery. These resources were put to practice during the COVID-19 pandemic that called on LAU to move most courses to remote delivery. You are invited to refer to the following documents for tips and guidelines to help you develop and/or enhance your online courses and navigate through remote teaching:

Online Learning at LAU
LibGuide Online Learning
Online Course Delivery Guide 
CIL Support for Blackboard Courses
Designing a Course for Meaningful Learning by Dr. Rima Bahous

In addition, events and workshops on online course design and integration of pertinent technologies in course development are provided to faculty on a regular basis.

Blended Learning

Flipped Classroom Design by Dr. Rima Bahous
Flipped Classroom Design Guide by Dr. Rima Bahous and Dr. Barbar Akle
Multimedia in Education by Dr. Claudia Kozman